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Every day I will feature an adoptable pet. Please check this page often to see which fur-baby is
here! Let's try to get these sweeties into loving, forever homes! =^-^=

Keno: Standard Poodle, Dog; Alpharetta, GA

Keno is a gorgeous white standard poodle boy about 3 years old. He was an owner surrender due to her medical problems. He belonged to a breeder in OH, who died, so his former owner, also a breeder, took Keno so he would have a good home. She recently developed medical problems and sadly had to give him to us so we can find him a good home, who will be able to love and exercise him and take good care of him. He is presently in our training program and we are accepting applications for him. Keno is currently in Georgia. For more information please click here:


This little guy is King Tut, a senior Devon Rex, located in Columbus, Ohio. A note from King Tut's foster home: Where do I even begin in talking about Tut? Everything about this handsome gentleman is wonderful and upon meeting him, I instantly fell in love. If I did not have a household of animals already, this boy would never have made it back to the shelter! King Tut is ten years young and unless you knew how old he was, you would never know it. He definitely has tons of energy and will run as fast as he can to meet you the moment you come in the room with him. Whether he is comfortable in a cat bed by the window or is snuggled on your pillow, Tut will immediately be at your side the moment you are home. He is very vocal and LOVES to talk to people. When I would open the door and come home, I would hear a thud as Tut jumped down from wherever he was laying and a long, uninterrupted string of meows as he would come and greet me. King Tut is also an absolute LOVER.

To find out more about King Tut, click here:

This lovely little lady is Tina Turner. She is a calico domestic shorthair, approx. 1 year old. Tina is such a sweet girl! She loves everyone..even dogs. She is Spayed and litterbox trained. Tina is being offered by the wonderful people at Wynne Friends of Animals in Wynne, AR.  For more information on giving this girl a home, click here:

Peppy is a beautiful male Papillon being fostered in St. Mary, KY. I don't know a lot about this little guy, but he is neutered and house-trained. He is with Second Chances Canine Program. For more information on Peppy, please click here:


Smudge and Smoke are 2 Cornish Rex brothers, looking for a forever home. These boys are just beautiful! They are neutered and litterbox trained, and are available in Vacaville, CA with Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue. Don't wait long on these boys. More information at:


This handsome boy is Wilbur. He is a 5 year old Weimaraner in Marietta, Georgia. He is up for adoption because his family is being transferred out of state, and can't bring him along. He is great with kids, dogs of all sizes, and cats. He is neutered and up to date on shots. For more info on the pretty boy, click here:


Meet Desi, Arnaz, Monty and Violet! These four wonderful ferrets came to Greater Chicago Ferret Association because their humans are going through a divorce. These babies are truly wonderful and are all spayed and neutered. They would love to be adopted together. If you have room in your life for a ready made furry family, please contact GCFA about these sweeties!


Meet Sammi! This wonderful blue point balinese is a sheer joy. He weighs in at a tiny 7 pounds and is neutered and updated on shots. This guy is a cuddle bug! He is fostered at Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue in Kenosha, WI.  Don't wait on this one, he won't last long. Click for more info:

Cosmo is a very sweet little Shetland Sheepdog boy. He has spent his entire life as an outside dog and is very much enjoying being inside.  This 6 year old guy is a bit on the shy side, but loves attention once he gets to know you. He is very quiet and well mannered. Cosmo is altered, housebroken, microchipped, crate trained and up to date on shots. He is being fostered at Second Chance Sheltie Rescue, in St. Louis, Missouri. If you would like to make him part of your family, Click here for more info:



This beautiful girl is an Egyptian Mau named Monkey. She is 4 years old and a small girl weighing in at 7 1/2 pounds. She is litter-box trained, spayed and up to date on shots. She is rather shy in new surroundings, but settles in quickly.  She is a lap cat when she wants to be, and very active and playful. Having owned Maus before, these cats are truly delightful! This beauty will not be available long. For more information on Monkey, please contact Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue: 
She is being fostered in Milwaukee.


Introducing Zoe, a 1 1/2 year old Shiba Inu. This girl is very lovable and loves to play with her family.  She is housebroken and crate trained.  Zoe would do great with three, 10-20 minute walks per day, with playtime in between. She is spayed and up to date on all her shots. Zoe is being fostered with the wonderful people at Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue in Kansas City. More info on this pretty girl is available Here:

Meet this little Bobcat look a like. This wild looking cutie is Tallulah. She is a 1 1/2 year old Bobtail/Tabby. She appears to have a very large percentage of American Bobtail or Manx, Possibly full Bobtail. She has a very outgoing personality, being playful, loving, and very talkative. She loves people and other cats and dogs as well. Tallulah has temporary lodging at 9 Lives Cat Rescue, in Oxford, MS. She is house trained, spayed and current on vaccinations. This beauty won't last long! Click At:
Say hello to Gritty Boy. This handsome fawn and white Greyhound is 2 1/2 years old, and weighs a lean 63 pounds. He is house trained, neutered, and up to date on all shots. Gritty Boy is waiting at Shamrock Greyhound Adoption, in Louisville, KY.  This would be a wonderful addition to any family. Greyhounds are such remarkable creatures, once you live with one you'll never want to be without one. For more info, Click:


Meet Sammy. This guy has got personality plus! Sammy is a young Citron Cockatoo that loves everyone he meets, Gets along great with other birds, and is a very healthy boy. He will be such a joy to live with. He has stopped off at Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary in Melbourne, Florida, in his journey to find his forever family. Cockatoos are very long lived birds, often living to the age of 80. Sammy knows his special person is out there. Could his special someone be you? Please follow this link to make him yours:

This beautiful boy is Finn. He is a young Snowshoe/Siamese that is waiting for someone to love him. Finn is currently residing at Texas Siamese Rescue in Coppell,Texas. He is litterbox trained, neutered, and current on all shots. For more information on making him your own, Click here:

This cute little Chihuahua is Bandit. He came into rescue when his family had a new baby. He is oh so sweet, and would love to have his own person again. Bandit is housetrained, neutered, and is current on all of his shots. He is at the Randolph County Humane Society, in St. Louis, MO.  Interested?? Information at:

Introducing Miss Sterling. She is a darling dark shaded silver Persian. She absolutely loves hugs, kisses and scritches. She is so sweet, and gets along great with other cats. This beautiful girl has been in rescue for quite some time now, and would really love a forever home. She is in a wonderful foster home with the amazing volunteers at Persian Purebreds Purrbaby Rescue, in Columbus, OH. She is altered, and has had all shots updated. For additional information, Click Here:


Say hello to little Malik. This has got to be one of the cutest puppies I've seen in a long time! As you can tell, he's still a young one. He appears to be a dapple dachshund.. If he's not purebred, he's close. He will be small. He is neutered and up to date on shots. This little beauty won't last long. He is available at The Quincy Humane Society, in Quincy Illinois. Click on the link to make Malik part of your family:


Meet Kazoo. He loves to chirp and sing while being petted. This pretty boy lost part of his tail in an accident, but it doesn't effect him one little bit. He is a sweet, sweet kitty.  He adores playing, and loves to give nose kisses.  He is litter box trained and is altered and shots current. This 3 year old tabby would love to be part of your life. He is being cared for by the wonderful people at the Humane Society of Monroe County Illinois, in Waterloo, Illinois. Please find out more about this loverboy by clicking the following link:

Introducing Smokey Joe. This handsome lad is a 17 pound six year old. He is salt and pepper in color, and has natural ears and a docked tail. He is crate trained and fully housebroken. Tug of war is his favorite game, and he also loves to sing on occasion. Come see him at Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Of Houston, Texas. You won't be sorry! Here's the link for more info:
Say hello to Ginni. This beautiful girl is a silver marble bengal. She came into rescue as a stray,
and is expecting a litter of kittens within the next few weeks. When her babies are weaned, they will all be available for adoption. She is such a sweetie!  Ginni will be spayed and current on shots. She is with an independent foster and has a courtesy listing with  Pet Angels for Life Volunteers, Ypsilanti, MI.  Interested? Click on this link:
This sweet boy is Garth. He is 5 years old and weighs in at a solid 30 pounds. He is a very muscular scotty, and such a pretty boy. Garth is housebroken and neutered. He will have all updates on shots, dental cleaning, microchipping, and will be heartworm tested. Garth is being fostered with Scottie Kingdom Rescue  in Dallas, Texas. Previous terrier experience preferred. Want to know more about this happy boy?
Click Here:

  Meet McTavish. This beautiful red tabby boy is a 6 to 7 year old Scottish Fold. This is a rare breed known for their sweet and gentle nature. Folds come in 3 levels of ear folds. McTavish's ears are the most folded level called "airplane" ears because they resemble the folded wings of an airplane. He has the cutest little face and the most beautiful green eyes! He is neutered and his shots are up to date. He also has excellent litter box habits. McTavish loves attention and loves to be held. He gets along well with other cats and dogs. This baby is being fostered in Vacaville, CA at Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue. These wonderful people will adopt out of state, but you would need to pick him up. Anyone up for a road trip?
  For more information Click Here:
Introducing Jeep. This Beautiful French Bulldog is 4 years old. This cute boy loves his toys! After breakfast his favorite thing to do is grab a toy and squeak it as he makes the rounds through the house. After a good hour or so of play, Jeep becomes a cuddle machine! He wants nothing more than to sit on his persons lap and be loved. He is housetrained, neutered, and has all shots. Jeep is currently fostered with French Bulldog Rescue Network in Arizona.
Want to make him yours? Click Here:
This is 3-year-old Maja, a unique Seal Point Snowshoe Siamese. She's a little bundle of love, weighing in at 9 to 10 pounds. If you can tell from picture, Maja is missing part of an ear due to an injury that was never treated by her previous owners. She is a very sweet, loving little girl, and she would be a great addition to any home. She is litter-box trained and she has been spayed, as well as being up to date on all
shots. Maja is currently being fostered in Kenosha, WI by Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue.
Want to know more about Maja? Click here:

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