Saturday, March 3, 2012

Keep Kitties from Eating your Catnip Plants...Grow Green Tip

Do you love to grow fresh catnip in your garden, but have a tough time keeping neighborhood cats from eating your plants? Here's a quick tip that's simple and green. Re-purposing an old dish drainer like the one below, can make a "purrfect" catnip protector. Simply set the dish drainer upside down over your plantings to keep the cats from rolling on or pulling out this tasty tidbit. They can still enjoy rubbing against it or taking a nibble, without destroying  the plants. If you don't have one you can use, you can find one at a yard sale, or pick one up at Walmart. Either plastic or stainless will work. I often use a plastic one and use acrylic weatherproof spray paint to make it look more natural. My favorite color combination is aged copper and verdi gris. This gives it that rustic look of patinaed  copper. Regardless of whether you decide to paint it, or go au naturale, the catnip will soon grow bushy enough to cover the container.  Remember, always recycle when you can, and good luck growing catnip both you and your kitty can enjoy!

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